Today was our six year anniversary (the first one). Its hard to believe that – I guess time flies when you are having fun – although ask JJ and he would tell you (all in good fun as only JJ can be) that it feels like its been a lifetime already. No doubt, this year has probably been one of our most memorable and for good reason, I even like to count JJ’s open heart surgery in March, as a positive, now that its behind us, since it has brought him so much more energy and Lord knows he needs every ounce he could get now. This year, beyond being memorable, has definitely gone by the quickest. I can’t believe I am supposed to be thinking Christmas right now. PS. if you are on my list – you might want to anticipate a fabulous gift card this year, not sure if Cailee is going to take to shopping with much the same enthusiasm as her mom in 2008 – give her a few years though and I am sure she will be doing her part to bail out the struggling economy.

We celebrated with a good dinner at the Umstead’s in Cary (Herron’s) which we thought would never end (no complaints on the company or length of time spent dining, just the endless amount of food served) – it was a sampler meal where the chef decides what they to serve and he must have thought we needed fattening up – everytime we thought we were finished – a new set of silverware was added to the lineup, by the end, we were guessing the course by the style of the flatware. And yes, I used the fork and knife from the outside in – JJ likes to make sure I remember my etiquette. Can’t say I have ever had a meal as such – one where the menu was left entirely up to someone else’s discretion, but in many ways, it made it all the more memorable. I enjoyed everything although JJ could have lived without the raw tuna and the raspberry that he insisted was a sea urchin.

Lucky for us, maybe not so much for them, JJ’s parents were brave enough to take on Cailee – right across her somewhat fussy time of the day – with nothing but a bunch of clean diapers, and two small bottles of milk (which momma worked very hard to secure) to last through all eight courses and then some. We will be forever in their debt and hope that the memories are behind them before our next anniversary in May, ah the beauty of two weddings (and if you don’t know that story, we’ll save it for another day).

One of these days I’ll get some photos of the two of us to post on the site – we seem to rarely be in them together – although in honor of the day, I did find an odd assortment of images that seemed worthy of adding to my facebook account (it helps to substantiate JJ’s recent update that he is in fact married).