So as you can see below (and I can’t seem to ever capture the best video, she seems to get more intent on the video every time I bring it out, then whatever she was previously doing that caused me to want to videotape) Cailee definitely has the rocking part down – but a larger milestone was reached today – literally, she reached out one arm, so, the reality is, we are just one more arm away from being mobile. Plus, if she really wants something bad enough – she just lunches forward to make up the last few inches, she’s a very determined little miss. I know its not long now before she’s off and running and I had better be able to keep up (especially if she is anything like I was). I think “anxious” might be the right word to describe my feelings – excited with anticipation (can’t wait to see what fun it brings) but nervous as well, I mean this is a life changer when she no longer needs her mommy to get her where she wants to get, they sure do grow up fast.