So since Cailee was 18 mos we have been going to Gymboree once a week (we’ve been getting a cold once a week as well – coincidence?). Every Friday, we attend the Play and Learn class for kids 16-22 mos at 11 am. It times our perfectly because Gymboree is nearly within walking distance (if you discount the very heavily trafficked highway in the middle) of JJ’s work so he is able to join us for the last 15 minutes of class and lunch afterward at Subway. Its a nice break from the norm and a good excuse to see “Daddy” in the middle of the day. During the summer Gymboree is allowing anyone who has paid for one class to attend as many other classes as they would like. So we have been trying some others out. Let’s see – Art class didn’t go so well first time around (we had to get Cailee up quite early that particular morning so by the time the playdoh rolled around she wanted nothing better than to lay on the floor and cry – we ended up aborting that session early in lieu of a mid morning nap – and will have to try again. We also tried play and learn on Saturdays so Dad could enjoy the entire class. Well apparently every dad (+ mom, + babysitter, +baby sister and more) like to attend on Saturdays. It was slam packed with adults and if you looked closely you could pick out the kiddies latched to their legs. It was fun nonetheless but a bit overwhelming. Needless to say we like our class the best – but its been nice giving Cailee some additional opportunities to interact with others her age and get some of her rammies out (ok – that one benefits us too).

On the upside – with dad paying attention I did get a few pictures – although motion shots are not my specialty – so you are not seeing the majority that are extremely blurry.