On Sunday, after church, we went to the Durham food truck rodeo. I am sure when I look back on this blog in the future I will laugh at this post as I have a feeling food trucks might become more the norm then the exception, but right now they are still a novelty (at least to me). In this day in age where its all about who or what you and know, the business model of having a mobile restaurant is really quite smart – be where the people are instead of expecting everyone to come to you.

The weather looked a little iffy going into this but we chanced things, along with everyone else in Durham, and lucked out. Even though it did start to drizzle at one point, we were in a spot where we could easily be under a shelter (Cailee actually ducked under a tractor trailor at one point and was the perfect height) and quite frankly, a little bit of rain felt good on this muggy day.

The only downside to the event was the lines, however these were unavoidable. I didn’t see any single truck without a line. Most of this food is made to order, unlike the traditional hot dog stand, and so there were long lines to order food and even longer lines to pick up your food. And lines and kids never mix. Even still JJ and I managed to get two gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Full disclosure, Cailee thinks that all the trucks are ice cream trucks so she was very disappointed when I didn’t order her ice cream at our first stop, hence the frozen yogurt truck was our next stop. She got some chocolate yogurt with gummy bears (her fav these days). The kids ran off some energy (and sugar) in the open grass in Durham’s central park while we chowed and we were fortunate to hit the road just before the big rain fell.