And no, I am not talking about Lola.
So Cailee, seems you are just going to start off a little smaller than average – at least by all estimations today. I got to see another glimpse of you and size-wize you only in the 34th percentile, measuring a whopping 5.3 lbs. But surprisingly, the thing that raised the most remarks in the midst of your ultrasound was not your stature; but your hair – seems you have a lot of it – See the picture above and I’ll award a prize to anyone who can actually tell me which part is the hair – I was told to just look at the fuzz – that was all hair – but regardless, I am going to start polishing up my french braiding skills again and stock up on hair bows (just when I thought the list was complete).

I suppose its no wonder on either count as neither jj nor I are ginormous in size but we both have been blessed with a thick head of hair; so you are your momma’s baby. Apparently I had the most hair in my family too. 🙂 The good news is that weighing in as a lightweight with less than 6 weeks to go – you have still eclipsed lola’s all time high, measuring just 3.9 lbs, although I think she will always win when it comes to out of control hair. An even better thought, since you are such a tiny tike, all the clothes I have bought you so far, should fit at some point or another although you might be wearing sundresses in the winter if you don’t beef up just a tad.

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