For the past few weeks I feel as if I have been a ship passing in the night with regards to my kids and honestly, I think it was starting to show. I was spending a lot more time at work, and JJ and I had recently taken a weekend away, so given that I am used to interacting with my kids every day on a fairly regular basis, I felt like I just hadn’t seen them (and I do believe they were acting out a bit more too).

So I took advantage of a good excuse (holiday week) to sneak an extra day off and spent the day with the kids. It was just what we needed to recharge. First, we went to Marbles. The kids were pretty excited about this excursion and it didn’t disappoint. We had a great time, along with everyone else who had the same grand idea (which was quite possibly 99% of Raleigh) – I have never seen it so busy.

So after trying to keep up with two kids running in opposite directions for 3 hours, we opted for something a bit more low key and checked out the Vitaris Chocolate Factory in downtown Raleigh. It was delicious and needless to say, the kids (and mom) thoroughly enjoyed the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

I know I am pretty darn lucky that I get as much flexibility as I do with my job – but I sure do enjoy my work-free, kid-ful days.