For two years in a row – we headed to Concord for the Lucky Charm Invitational. Last year Cailee won AA at this meet much to her surprise – but that meant the pressure was on for this year – she wanted to repeat, especially since this is the meet that her Aunt Beth comes to – which is very generous of her – it’s her birthday weekend and she gives it up to celebrate and spend time with us. I think that makes us the lucky ones.

The meet was held in a local school gymnasium this year, which was a much better facility from last year, and all the participants received free leos for the meet – which they requested that the girls wear. Apparently the girls liked the leos (they were “comfy”), but it made it hard to find your kid when they were all wearing the same thing – my eyes couldn’t just pick out the red leo as I was used to doing.

Cailee competed early so we stayed at the Residence Inn the night before. The kids loved the extra night with thei Aunt. Beth came baring gifts and crafts (minus the glue), she was ready to jump in the pool and sacrificed real sleep to share a bed with Cailee – she was a brave girl, Beth is, considering because Cailee is downright awful at sharing the bed – she typically ends up horizontal with her sleeping arrangements.

The next day Cailee competed early and the day dawned cold and rainy but luckily that didn’t dampen her desire to win. She competed strong and in typical fashion wouldn’t let us tell her where she placed – she wanted to be surprised on the podium. I don’t think anything but first would have counted for her so I am so glad it worked in her favor. She also nearly took the handstand contest, getting narrowly edged out by Ella, on her team. She was disappointed by this, but I remember a year ago when she could barely balance for 3 seconds – what a long way she’s come.

We celebrated with a quick breakfast / lunch before heading our separate ways, Beth back to Asheville and us home – but it was another good weekend for Gymnastics.