I’m multitasking right now as I write this post – mostly because I can’t stand to waste a minute of time – that’s why I always interrupt people and have a hard time sitting still long enough to get any one thing done at a time (I know this is where Cailee must get it). I realized as I looked back at the photos I took over the course of the last few days – they weren’t very good – kinda blurry, lighting was bad, etc, so I am a tad disappointed. I had a few minutes this morning and decided to update my blog, but have since gotten distracted with google searches on how to better optimize some of my camera settings to avoid such a catastrophe again, while downloading the photos to my computer (that has grown slow with age) and in between, I am also reading a word or two in the new Steve Jobs book (which, at this rate, will take me years to complete).

So back to the task at hand…
uh oh baby is awake… will return soon.

In the meantime, here are some of our photos from Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with my parents. My dad braved both kiddos while JJ, Mom, Dave and I went to our annual Moravian Love Feast. We enjoyed the singing, sweet buns, even sweeter coffee and most memorably, the young children who memorized the entire Christmas story and recited it in unison.

Afterwards, we stuffed ourselves on all the wonderful food (much too much) Mom prepared and Cailee overdosed on sugar. For this reason alone, I should have increased the shutter speed on the camera, because she was on overdrive the rest of the evening. JJ was even convinced she was drunk on candy – because she got to the point where she was speaking nonsense, I tend to think that this just comes with the territory of being a 3 year old excited about Christmas.