This past weekend we decided to check out the Roxboro Personality Festival (Roxboro is in Person County, hence Personality Festival). I don’t know if it was the heat or the fact that Roxboro is not a big town but there was not a lot of people, at least not as many as we expect – which was great for us. There was no line for the rides and we didn’t have to keep up the kids amidst a mass of people. Even Connor could wonder around a bit without getting in to many people’s way. The event was a hit for Cailee with bouncy houses, and other rides. She rode her first ferris wheel – which I will admit was higher then even I expected once on the right (I am getting to be wuss in my old age) and some spinning ride (which I hate so I tried not to let her spin it to no avail). The best was the tramboline. After barely making weight, they strapped her on and hoisted her up a bit and then she could hardly touch the trampoline so she would dangle and then get a slight foothold so she could get some air and then dangle again. She had to work for her three tickets.

I just love some of the expressions captured in these photos. Priceless!

Cailee’s shopping excursions were even captured by another blogger. This girl had the cutest concept – an RV packed with vintage, artsy fun – her shop was named Go Girl Shop and Cailee’s picture was appropriatly titled “Little Go Girl”. She had tons of great stuff – and gave me plenty of ideas for my upcoming Garden Tea Party Birthday Extravaganza for a certain soon to be four year old.