We did Valentine’s up right this year. Cailee is starting to recognize holidays and the festivities that come with them. At school, she was to bring in her own valentines to distribute. Of course, I found some cute little animals that she could glue together (or that was my goal). They turned out to be a little more complicated then I anticipated. Cailee helped a lot – she’s great with a glue gun and had fun with some scissors, but in the end, JJ and I put together most of the lady bugs, kittie cats, puppies and bumble bees. JJ swears that I screwed myself and that I will need to continue upping my game year after year, now that I set the bar high.

On V-day, everyone got a little something, JJ got a bike repair stand, Connor-man got a helicopter (but he was more enthralled with everyone’s wrapping paper) and Cailee got all kinds of girly goodies, candies, and more. She was so jacked up on candy – I think her sugar high lasted into the next day. I actually had to hide some of her candy from school – she would have eaten it all at once (just like her momma – which ironically she has started calling me).

For our Valentine’s dinner we made reservations again at Chikfila. Last year had been so much fun that we were looking forward to it again. Unfortunately, it was a little lacklustre, no waiter service, no special menu, just some fun decorations and a very loud pianist, but we still had a good time and enjoyed sharing the night with gg and granddaddy dewar.

Fast forward to February 15th – and Connor found some of the Valentine’s chocolates. Cailee came running to me and said “Mommy, you’d better come see Connor” – and this is the face that greeted me (yes, you shouldn’t take your eyes off a 10 month old). He had the chocolate heart – red foil and all (I was able to fish most of that out of his mouth). I would say he enjoyed it.