We braved the Fair this year on opening weekend. The weather was great and JJ was determined to enjoy the night lights of the fair – so after a good nap – we bundled up and headed out. Cailee tried some cotton candy – she was a little apprehensive at first, several fair rides, and enjoyed all the animals – especially the fresh chocolate cow’s milk. Surprisingly, we made it without any major meltdowns until 9:15.

Taking in all the sights – Cailee was particularly enthused about a small blimp advertising free pickles – she called it a balloon – which was probably an accurate assessment.

We were fortunate to find an empty bench and patch of grass and Cailee was running around and falling down on the ground. Its amazing how the simplest things seem to bring a smile to her face. Probably a good lesson for us all.

JJ asked Cailee to say cheese and pose for the picture and she decided to cover her face instead.

What a face!