So I don’t know if it qualifies as talking or not – namely because I don’t know if she really knows why she is saying what she is saying, but this week the word is definitely “No!” no to mommy, no to daddy, no to miss tracy and the most laughable, no to lola (which is 99% of the time, appropriate). Throw in a few Hi’s, Oh’s and she’s getting quite expressive. Clearly, it must be the month of the single syllable words but its still fun to hear some real words come out of her mouth, although I must say, trying to make heads or tails out of Cailee’s gibberish is actually quite entertaining as well. If I can ever catch a decent string of words together on video I’ll post it here. We wouldn’t you to miss out on the fun we’re having and maybe you’ll have better luck at translating.

PS. The feature image is just cute, not at all related and those are not at all her glasses. Just playing around with the studious look at Target.