Its funny, I see other babies that are just sitting content in their mother’s lap, or hear of a child that will be entertained by the television for an extended period of time (longer than 2 minutes), I even noticed that Tori Spelling’s little girl had her toe nails painted. Cailee on the other hand will not pause for even a second (forget about trying to paint her toe nails, I could hardly get shoes on her feet – which by the way, she figured out how to undo velcro, so we are really screwed). The trick these days is finding something, anything that will entertain Cailee for five minutes or more and if you do, you have succeeded. Filling a bag full of interesting objects that she could pull out and contemplate, taste, throw, find it and taste again, was fun for a spell. Moving to the porch and circling the furniture is also a winner. (although you have to keep a hawk’s eye on her at all times, she’ll no sooner eat a plant, drop a clay pot on the ground, knock over a candle and flip out of chair if you don’t – and yes, all but the last thing actually occurred).