We always get excited when its actually snowy for our trip to the mountains. It just puts you in the mood. This time it was a little different. The snow started in Durham and followed us the entire time there. The roads were ok but got sketchier as we got closer to the mountains so it was slow going. The other challenge was food. We figured we would get well on our way before we stopped but that proved to be a mistake because as more snow fell more places closed and after getting turned away from two places, we resigned ourselves to Wendy’s in Boone. But we made it and really enjoyed the snow once there. It was our own little winter wonderland, just like we like it. Of course we took advantage of the pool (well the kids did, its hard to convince myself to go swimming when its in the teens just outside), the kids room and ping pong. We explored downtown Blowing Rock and even played on the playground – IN THE SNOW. We attempted a snowman but it just wasn’t good packing snow. Of course we got our tree! We’d been venturing out a little farther to get our tree since our episode with the falling tree but this year, given the weather we stuck closer to town and headed back to C&C circle tree farm and found a good tree in now time. Maybe we are getting good at spotting them or maybe we were just earlier in the season but I do declare its one of the fullest trees we’ve ever gotten. Mission accomplished! Let the season begin.