IBM developerWorks

IBM developerWorks reaches millions of users monthly around the globe. It bears responsiblity for reaching and building relationships with IT practioners the world over. The program recognizes that the digital landscape is constantly evolving and the growing expectations of users is the primary driver for this change. More than anything, developers are always on the cutting edge of technology so it would stand to reason they would expect the same of a compelling web design.

This design was a concept for a one-page, modern developerWorks home page that drives to core actions that align with the most basic developer expectations – Search, I’m looking for an answers and search is my friend; Discover – I’m at IBM, what do you have to offer? Develop – I just want to get some work done; and Connect – I want to talk to a peer developer about how to do X or Y. It’s intended to be fully responsive with in-page navigation and a hide and slide panel that exposes a personalized pane of activity.



Project included

Concept and Design


June 2013