Portfolio & Resume

So funny story. I just took a new job at IBM and decided that I would update my portfolio and resume just AFTER accepting the new position. It was definitely something I did for fun, seeing it as my chance to come up with something that truly represents where I am as a designer, as well as the modern color palettes, visual aesthetics and interactions that resonate with me (it’s not often you get to do that). My goal was for the design to be clean, and modern, relying heavily on the interactions of the site itself to “wow”.

I set out to design and build a responsive, one-page design using the flat UI kit. As well, I wanted something that was easy to update on a regular basis. For my resume, I wanted to really break out of the standard text heavy mold with something more visual. Since it’s so easy to get all the details of my career and education via social networks (Check out LinkedIn), I went skinny on the details and heavy on the imagery and typography in an infographic inspired design.



Project included

Concept, Design and WordPress theme development (HTML, CSS)


March 2014