I have come up with every excuse in the book except for probably the most obvious – Cailee is truly a diva sometimes – but I am hoping its because she is sick, teething, not sleeping well, hot, and otherwise bothered that she is behaving a bit like a monster these last few days.

And unfortunately, the camera toting mama is still trying to get a smile out of her to no avail. In fact, look at this fun water sprinkler ball we decided to try. Definitely an upgrade from the garden hose sprinkler.

JJ huffed and puffed to get it ready to go and the child that loves everything water wanted nothing to do with it.

Instead she would run around and hide to avoid it.

Truly – this was the face of fun.

So we scraped that idea and officially scraped Cailee as an artistic subject for the day and moved on to the pretty butterfly in my backyard.