For days Cailee had been talking about Pumpkin Day, it was something she brought home from school but I just thought it was her way of referencing Halloween, similar to how she is getting super excited about Jesus’ birthday (and asking questions like – Is Jesus coming to our house for the party? If not, who will blow out the candles on his cake and open his presents? Oh I get to open the presents? Does Grayson get to open the presents too…).

And then we went on the school field trip to a pumpkin patch this week and it hit me – that was what she meant by Pumpkin Day!

Well, “Pumpkin Day” was a success! We picked two pumpkins, took a hayride, jumped (alot) in the corn bin (I emptied a handful of corn out of Cailee’s underwear once we got home), did the corrugated pipe slide, checked out the goats (from a far), had a picnic lunch and played a lot with friends/classmates. Cailee has always been so shy (at first), so it was great to see her interacting with the other kids.

Did I mention there were a LOT of kids? Can you even pick out Cailee in this mess? I had trouble keeping up with her.

Funny girl!