Cailee is going to definitely look back on our family blog and wonder what the heck happened during these month long lapses – its like something else takes over and we all fall off the end of the earth – in reality – that’s true – its called work. I think at times however, I get so far behind that I am just overwhelmed just thinking about making up for lost time. So here I am on vacation for the holidays and its on my to do list (are you supposed to have to do lists during vacation?). I am going to try and back date things to fill in the gaps to at least give the impression I am was on top of things when they happened. The reality is that I will constantly think – I need to blog about that or I need to write that down so I don’t forget we did that – and I just don’t seem to do it. So here goes nothing.

For a quick update on this week – I am on vacation- I got an extra long vacation because of the extra long hours I put in through the year and the best thing has been all the extra sleep I am getting. I feel like a new person (and the truth is I am just getting about 7 or 8 hours now but that’s a far cry from 3-5. :)).

Speaking of habits such as sleeping, I might as well jump into the 15 month update. (Its so hard to believe its been that long).

  • Cailee is sleeping very well these days although teething and cheap diapers has won out some nights. She was going to bed around 730 and waking up around 8 but somehow she got on a trend of going to bed around 830 and sleeping til 930. Not sure which I prefer. Most days she takes a decent nap still 1-2 hours. Shorter if we are out and about and its taken on the go.
  • Cailee had her 15 month checkup this week and is 31 inches long, 25lbs. This puts her in the 75th percentile for everything. Same as last time. I asked when I should be concerned that she is still bigger than average and they assured me that she was perfectly fine as long as she was keeping pace and didn’t make any extraordinary leaps one direction or another. So the round tummy (which I think is cute) is still A-OK by the doctor’s standards.
  • Cailee’s favorite toys these days are the jack in the box (she doesn’t wind it up – she knows how to free the monkey on her own), anything she can push, the pink school bus and the bubble gum machine. She likes to bang her block together (unfortunately, Lola is liking the blocks these days too).
  • We are convinced that she has knows a few words such as Juice, shoes, stop (dop), Ma ma. Its not for lack of trying – she loves to talk, we just don’t have a clue what she is saying – although we certainly pretend like we do. Finger pointing is a common occurrence and she understands what we are saying a good bit of the time. Its great to be able to communicate with her now. I think this is my favorite stage – she’s becoming my little best friend – a real little person.
  • I am trying to feed Cailee balanced meals these days- that is single-handedly my biggest challenge probably because I don’t do so well myself. She still eats pureed food a good bit of the time if I don’t feel I am getting ample fruits and veggies in her people food diet. She enjoys her yogurt for breakfast (yo baby for now, did yoplait once and paid for it all day), loves cheetos (any kind, baby or original), real bananas are hit or miss, she’s enjoying pizza and french fries a lot these days off mommy’s plate and still a fan of anything she can drink. No, this isn’t all she eats, just her favorites.
  • Ok, well at least that’s a start. Now I am motivated. The rest I’ll go back and try to fill in so in a few month’s time you’ll never know the difference.