So once again in typical North Carolina fashion – it was overpromised, grocery stores were wiped out and then it didn’t amount to nearly what was in the forecast. We were some of the lucky ones – if you count yourself lucky to get some snow – the Triangle area was promised 6-12ish inches and we got about 4-5 inches at our house, but apparently just a few miles away the projected #snowpocalypse was nothing more than a trace.

The one thing no one could deny was the fact that it was cold, really cold – like single digits cold. So we’ve been enjoying the snow in little spurts – because our cheeks, fingers and toes can’t stand it much longer. The kids are completely stir crazy and dying for things to do – since it’s so unusual for us to be stuck at the house – but the snow is beautiful to look at and I’m getting stuff done so no complaining on my end.