So JJ and I have lived in the country now the better part of two years and this was a first.

On Thursday, I was feeding Cailee and I felt something crawling on my arm – now that is nothing new out here in the woods – but when I looked I saw two itsy bitsy teeny weeny (and yes, the description really fits) spiders, no larger than a pin head. As I looked closer I realized those two had more friends scampering around my skin. Luckily, JJ was still home from work and he took Cailee, only to learn that she had a few on her. A few, which turned into at least two dozen and without much area to cover they were quickly in her head, arms, legs, and even in her ear. Of course, just as easily they transferred from her to him. We were more than just a little freaked.

Consequently, we washed everything that we had come in contact with, including all the bedding, blankets, mattress coverings, the baby, the dog, and ourselves. First analysis of the situation was that the critters were deer ticks, which was frightening, but upon further thought and insight from JJ’s dad, we have concluded it was more likely just a spider sack that hatched somewhere that we were in close contact with.

Now before you jump to any conclusions, we keep a clean house, no rats and termites infestation problems as seen on TLC – just unfortunately live in an area where the spiders far outnumber the humans. For the peace and quiet we love the woods, for the spiders we don’t.