So most of you know that I can not visit the mall without stopping by Baby Gap. Its a small (ok, that might be minimizing the severity of the issue) weakness of mine. In fact, on one of my more recent visits, the cashier asked me if I wanted a credit card (they ask this every time) and I once again refrained (that would not be good) and he said – I know I ask you that every time you come in… ah busted, clearly he knows who I am if he recognizes me as a repeat customer. Anyhow to the point… this week they are running a promotion
, The Royal Treatment (like, everything else, in honor of the wedding of the century). They were selecting one person from each store, each day this week to win 50% off purchases for a year.
So imagine my surprise when I visited the store yesterday (ok, guilty) and to enter the contest you had to scan the QR Code. I feel pretty certain I would not know anything about QR codes if it wasn’t for Bob’s obsession with these little black and white bar code dohiggies a few months back. Further, I would not have a scanner on my phone, if he hadn’t wanted to change them to orange, insert logos and such.

Moral of the story – because I was probably the only BabyGap shopper on Tuesday at Southpoint that even knew what a QR code was and how to scan it – I WON! Jackpot! The family will be living like royalty with our new discount at Gap. So thanks Bob… your obsession with technology has paid off (and by the way, I might need a pretty decent raise in order to support my Gap habit – because surely they will make more money off me this year, then if I ever had the discount).