No one warned me (or maybe they did and I didn’t listen) that around the 20ish week (maybe sooner) it was going to get difficult to take these weekly photos, well it did. But, if I thought that was bad – it was nothing compared to what it is like now. Now, he immediately goes from back to front – I literally have to cajole him by any means possible (peek a boo, jumping up and down, dangling toys) to stay on his back for a few seconds and then when that stops working he flips, so I let him roam around, wrap up in the fabric and then we try it again.

This week, Cailee heard me acting a fool and decided she wanted to help. And while it didn’t help me get the official shot – Connor actually was entertained enough that he stayed on his back – go figure. These out-takes are pretty funny – quite a range of emotions from both of them.

Note to self: It might be time to retire Cailee’s pj’s – not sure – but they appear a little small.