I should have posted these pictures all along, the last few weeks we made tremendous progress. It seems that as soon as the framing and flooring was done, it all came together.

We decided to put in the window on a weekend that called for snow. Fun – eh! Luckily, true to Carolina’s form, it all melted before the sun was completely up, but you can catch a glance of the white stuff through the giant hole in some of the photos. David came into town and helped JJ cut for the window, and then helped me assess if the hole in the side of my house was something I could live with. I am grateful that there were so many helpful hands – as everyone knows I would have been pretty much useless. Between John, David, JJ’s dad and JJ – they did it all in a weekend. And boy, what a difference a window makes.

Next came drywall – hired this job out – and that was the best decision yet. It was a little stressful – as soon as you can see walls – you start overanalyzing everything. Is this wall straight, does that appear level, etc. Thank goodness there is always paint.