Last weekend we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but those are still some of the best – and the times I hope our kids remember.

On Saturday we met up with the Hamletts and headed to downtown High Point for a Bike race. It was part of the USA Biking series and quite fun to watch. The cyclist did laps around downtown High Point. There were a lot of activities (all free!) including facepainting, bubbles and bouncy houses. The kids really enjoyed this + running around with Isabella and Audrey until the bottom fell out and we found ourselves stranded 1/2 mile from our car in pouring down rain. Needless to say, we got back to our cars soaking wet with not much left to show for our facepainting.

Saturday night we were so lucky to get a kids free night (the kiddos stayed with GG and Gdaddy in Greensboro). We had planned to do the Bull City Moonride but the rain had persisted most of the afternoon so we instead opted for a good dinner out at a restaurant we’d never tried before. It was so strange to be out by ourselves and to not even have to rush home. Definitely something we need to do every once in a while. We ran into so many people we know, I started to feel somewhat social.

On Sunday, Cailee begged for a scavenger hunt – so I set something up similar to the one I did once before. The prize at the end was snocones (of which I love – see how I orchestrated that?) so her and I went to Pelicans to get cotton candy snocones.

Just a few extra random picks for the road. First up, Connor horsing around while we got Sunday morning donuts at Monuts – good donuts, not your average Duncan Donut flavors.

I’ve had Fridays off for the past month (nice treat from work) so the kids and I have spent many of them at the park. I thought this was particularly funny when Connor took two broken down toys at tried to attach them so he could tote around his pile of mulch. And Cailee… well, she will draw anywhere, with anything. We did the entire alphabet with chalk on the sidewalk.