Its crazy to think that I probably took more than 1000 photos this week alone. I was thinking about it today and wondering if that will change as the kids get older. Right now everything is so new and exciting to them so I feel like I have to capture every moment. For example, Cailee started jumping by herself into the pool – and all it took was just one time and she didn’t want to stop – she was so cute about it. She would speed count to 10 and leap. She’s also learned about what she’s calling “chocolate sandwiches” aka ice cream sandwiches. I didn’t realize she’d never had one – but she got a taste of them this week and is hooked (chip off the old block – those are one of JJ’s favorites). Friday night, we took a walk at dusk and she saw a frog in the road – and it was just the best thing ever, she’s still talking about it 24 hours later.

I guess there will come a day when the small things that are momentous now won’t carry the same thrill as they do at this age – but then again I am sure there will be a whole new variety of firsts to memorialize. Well, that’s at least what I find comfort in because I love this “soak it all up” stage. No doubt the persistent lens to my eye is seen as obsessive and to a fault (especially to Cailee who has now taken to telling me, “no more pictures,” or on a good really day – will actually just plop down and tell me to take a picture), but I’m not willing to change that just yet. I can’t bear to not capture every moment.