We are in the full swing of things now. We spent a second fun-filled day on the beach and we have enjoyed lots of sun, lots of sand, lots of salt and of course tons of seashells. This time we scheduled things a little better – not on purpose necessarily – but things just timed out better. Connor was up early (not so lucky for us, he is cutting teeth this week after taking a several month hiatus, timing was impeccable) and therefore he was ready for a nap again around 9 am after a 7 something start. So we all enjoyed a leisurely morning – how often does that happen? Also a rarity – I have been able to run two days in a row (although, that is typically due to lack of motivation) while Connor napped and we all headed to the beach around 11. Eddie saved the day by digging out a giant pit/pool and the kids all enjoyed destroying his hard work, but knocking down the walls, climbing in and out – Connor included – but it definitely was a hit. We lasted nearly 4 hours on the beach and topped off the afternoon with some salt-free time in the pool.

This has been such a fun age for Cailee – she is really into the water, the sand, the seashells. We are having to pry her off the beach each day – she just can’t get enough. Today, we had to bribe her with some ice cream (and a “fun-filled” trip to Wings – Cailee enjoyed hiding in the miles of XXXXL clothes racks) if she would come in from the water. Thankfully it worked!

Sidenote – everyone has been joshing me that the tone of this blog might take a turn for the worse as Pawley’s Island apparently does not believe in Starbucks (which is just unheard of for a so-called vacation-oriented town). So we are now going on three days without SB – unheard of in Ami’s world. I’m trying to keep it together – but its a challenge for sure. JJ has resorted to facebooking friends in a quest to find the closest Starbucks – keep your fingers crossed.