We decided to check out the Bahama Christmas parade this past weekend. Cailee loves parades and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was exactly what I expected of a small town (that’s not an understatement, the town is comprised of two gun shops) Christmas parade. We parked right downtown on the side of the road and set up our blanket right across the street. Everyone knew each other (except for us), there was free hot chocolate and the parade consisted of one hot rod or hillbilly vehicle after another.

Truth be told, the real reason Cailee is so intrigued by parades is because she’s caught on to the all too common trend that the best floats throw candy to those of us on the sidelines. This year, we’ve had to remind her to wave, rather than hold out her hand begging. This parade, however, threw so much candy that Cailee filled her bag and was readily sharing a good bit of her loot with the kids beside her. When we could hold no more, she finally just took a break and enjoyed the last few floats, leaving the candy to whiz past us.

Even still, we now have more candy then we had earlier this year from trick or treating. Great, just what we needed.