So we have officially survived week one with the puppy (we have been calling Bailey “puppy” more often than not). All in all, I think it went a lot smoother than we expected. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that we have a puppy in the house now, but we are getting into a routine. It’s funny, I think I have more of routine with the puppy then I ever did with any of my newborn kiddos. Since I am home the majority of the time, he hangs with me during the day, and then we have been going outside later in the afternoon, taking advantage of the pre-spring days. He loves to chase after the kids and is starting to chase after sticks and pinecones. At nights, it took us a while to find the right solution. He didn’t like being left in the laundry room by himself, he didn’t like being in the penned in area of our room, but seems ok with just being loose in our room, knowing that we are in the same vicinity. He typically curls up in his bed that is situated right beside ours.