So the news that I love to take photos has spread and just as I was honored (and terrified at the same time) to take photos for Anna and Jonathan, that same sense of excitement/dread returned when Courtney asked me to capture her and Turner’s big day. It’s one of the times that you don’t want to miss anything, and there are no do-overs. Scary feeling for a perfectionist. It didn’t help that the weekend turned out to be the rainiest I can recall in a long time but then again, it definitely will give them something to remember the weekend by. 

And lucky for me, everyone was super fun, and the rain didn’t seem to faze anyone. Talk about making my job easy. 

Seeing Courtney and Turner tie the knot in their house (which was also a beautiful labor of love) brought back lots of memories of my first wedding.  There is something so personal about doing  it that way. These guys are so sweet together, and with Emory, I couldn’t be happier for them. And I am seriously blown away that they entrusted me with what will surely be some of their most precious memories. 

20150926-Courtney Reception-328-2572x1717

20150926-Courtney Reception-235-2572x1717

20150926-Courtney Reception-148-2572x1717

20150926-Courtney Reception-10-2572x3215

20150926-Courtney Reception-4-2572x3215

20150925-Courtney Wedding-417-2572x1717

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