Its 2:15 am Monday morning and I am wide awake. I am beginning to wonder if you stay up til the wee hours of the morning too often – like for a week straight- if your body doesn’t just get used to it. Well, officially, I hope not, although I am suspicious. All week, I have longed for just a few extra minutes of sleep and last night for the first time, I just said, no, I couldn’t pull myself up for Cailee’s feeding (granted it was her second time up last night) so JJ took one for the team. But tonight, I am wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Speaking of bushy tailed, I am quite embarrassed to admit that I just watched The House Bunny, a movie with actually no intellectual value to it – but it was somewhat entertaining – or again, maybe it just seemed to be such since I haven’t done much more than stick my nose in my PC all week.

All this is just leading up to me saying – I haven’t started off February on the best foot having clearly neglected my blog for the last week, but, I can assure you, things will turn around.

Just for a teaser – here are some pictures of Cailee that I did capture this week – she always keeps me laughing with her expressions and boy, is she coming alive these days – everything is a new adventure to her – and she is taking it all in. Plus, she has a smile that will light up any room. It spreads from ear to ear, dimples and all.

Some updates – She is enjoying some real food – Gerber 1st stages, and so far has tried Pears, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Apple Sauce and Peaches. She loves it all, you can tell because she continues to smack her lips even after she is done (she kinda slurps most of it up, the rest she wears). She is also starting to go to bed earlier these days – although earlier to bed often means earlier to rise, but its nice to have a little quiet time at night. Usually one takes advantage of such and sleeps. What am I thinking? (now 2:27 am)