This one definitely belongs in the books. And I bet this is only the beginning of my future life with two kids. It makes me wonder how my mom did this with five. This was Cailee’s schedule…

Monday – Tracy’s + Dance (oops, it turned out dance was Tuesday) + Orientation for school
Tuesday – Open house for school + Dance (correct night)
Wednesday – Tracy’s + Puggles kickoff
Thursday – First day of school
Friday – Phew! we made it!

There were a lot of cries, sniffles (of course, she got a cold with all the excitement) because Cailee is not one to take too well to new situations – especially when she has to do it without mommy and daddy, but she rebounded well and through it all – we had a lot of fun as well.

Here’s some of the week in photos…

At Puggles kickoff

First day of school (sadly, the only picture I got)

Open house in Cailee’s classroom (with Grayson)

And Connor didn’t want to get left out, so here’s some of his best shots (with daddy as a matching accessory)…