Cailee told me today that when she grows up she wants to be a cook and a hair dresser. I don’t think she had the titles quite right – it was more like, “I want to make food and be a hair cutter” but I think that was her intent. Kinda funny to me that she is starting to understand the concept of being a grown up and doing something for a job. Her other expression that I just love these days is – “Mommy, are you thinking what I am thinking?” – well I highly doubt I am, but it’s always fun to learn what she is thinking. On this particular afternoon, we decided to work on our foodista skills – by making brownies from the box. That’s nearly the extent of our combined cooking knowledge- although I can say I have been trying some new dishes lately (some things have proven to be much more successful then others).

I couldn’t resist pulling out the camera. Cailee looked so darn cute in her heart apron (thanks GG!) and is really into cracking eggs (oh, and licking the bowl). One egg in particular she deemed her pet and it took some convincing to get it back in the carton.