We woke up today (Monday) to a bit more snow continuing to fall – it was beautiful but a bit more then we bargained for. The wind blew so hard last night that JJ dreamed all the needles would blow off our tree. I would have still put it up and it was 13 degrees when we woke up. We made it home (to a much warmer 38 degrees), only to find snow still on the ground here in Durham, so we would have had our winter weather after all, no matter if we had left the house. Now we are just waiting for our tree to thaw (and ourselves) so we can decorate.

The view outside our window.

Cailee, trying to catch the snow on her tongue.

The Blue Spruce Cottage, our home for a few days.

Obviously the tree still had its needles – it was frozen solid.

The place we stayed, this might be our favorite to date.