Do you notice that I never get pictures of the kids together?  I DON’T!  And it’s not because I don’t try or because they are not together (they are always together, except when they aren’t), I just can’t ever seen to capture it.

So you saw my little fifties scooter girl in the previous post and now you get to enjoy my super man swinger.   When Connor swings, he still needs a pusher, and he always requests (or demands) the same thing – “Up to the sky, Mommy”  Looking at these pictures, especially the ones when he is on the ramp, I realize how big he is getting (although I can’t tell if its his skinny jeans that make his legs look longer, or his mullet hair cut – which has a go).

Connor surprised us this week by counting to ten.  Just a few weeks ago when he was playing hide and go seek with Cailee (see they are together!) he was yelling “One, Tree, One, Tree, One, Tree (and the “Ready or not… was pretty intelligible), but at dinner the other night, he started counting the trains in a magazine and he counted right up to ten, no problem at all.  JJ and I just looked at each other, mouths gaping, like “who is this kid?”  It was a proud parent moment.

connor4 connor connor2 connor3 connor5 connor8 connor7