I’m sure I have used this title before, but that’s really all this blog is about – a day in the life of the Dewars. To make up for some poor photos on quite possibly the most important day of the year, I tried to redeem myself on the day after. My poor family, I had the camera in their face all day. Truly, they are generally used to this, so it really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Over the last few weeks, Cailee has really gotten into “dress-up.” Prior to Christmas, she was digging in her dirty clothes hamper each night after the lights were out to find dresses and bright colored shirts which she adorned in varying ways (generally not at all how they were intended to be worn). Santa brought a few princess dresses so those are now the dress-up gear of choice. Rather than have her tear the brand new dresses trying to get into them on her own, I just let her sleep in one of the dresses – of course that didn’t stop her from trying to get the others out and do a costume change mid-night.

Her next favorite hobby – drawing, coloring and above all – tracing hands. I think all the hand print wreaths, reindeer antlers using hands, turkeys using hands, got Cailee thinking that every thing she makes has to start with a hand. This morning she had a different muse, Connor.

Once we got some get up and go under us, we headed out to enjoy the sunshine at Little River Park. The one thing I love about Connor’s new car is that fact that you can lower the push handle to the perfect height for Cailee. This way she feels like she is part of the action, without insisting she ride in the car. And Connor doesn’t seem to mind who is pushing him – although you never know what to expect when Cailee is pushing – she thought it was fun to run the car off the road.

Well I had to take a break – it seems my mac was maxxed out on photos – so I had to back some of them up. Hard to believe I have taken that many photos. Not sure what I would do without my digital camera though.

By the way, there was a story with these last few photos. There were some large dogs at the park, I wish I could remember what kind, except that they are large on purpose with every intent of keeping wild animals from their farm animals. Cailee was desperate to hold one of their “tags”, as she called it, but we were a little leery of this, considering they towered over here and would likely take her on a walk if given the chance. So instead, she waited patiently until a bit of the leash came her way and grabbed hold to the end. She thought she was the cat’s meow then.