So when the boys (and yes, JJ is one of the boys) go to the Monster Truck Show, the girls (and yes, that includes me) have to do something extra girly. So it was pretty spur of the moment, but Cailee and I decided we should make the trek to Charlotte to go to the American Girl Doll Store. Cailee had never expressed too much interest in the dolls and honestly I didn’t know when/if she would show interest, but when I brough it up, she got pretty excited.

We arrived at the mall, made a beeline to the store and she immediately picked out, Lea, the doll of the year. They certainly go all out – we got her ears pierced, and picked out a few of the outfits and accessories. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to make reservations at the restuarant ahead of time (it books well in advance, apparently) but when we inguired in person, it turns out there were a few cancellations and we got in after all. We had afternoon tea (and milkshakes), Cailee, Lea and I.

The best part of all, while I was worried Cailee would be in to her doll for all of 10 minutes, she still totes her doll nearly everywhere with her 7 months later and is still holding me to that trip to NYC.