I think as long as I plan elaborate birthday parties for Cailee, Labor day weekend will be remembered for what it name indicates- I worked my butt off cramming on all the finishing touches for the upcoming garden tea party – for a certain someone. Til now I have been the queen of pinning ideas and ordering stuff from Amazon, but there comes a time when real work must be done. And while I was sitting in my family room tearing strips of fabric at 3AM, I considered why on earth I do this, but then again, when Cailee came down this morning and saw the fruit of my labor and said it was “Beau-tal” aka Beautiful, the bags under my eyes were worth it.

Here is a sneak peek of all the fun to come. My Cailee parties always turn into scrapbook, shabby chic extravaganza, no matter the themes, it seems.

And for those of you who didn’t get the invite in the mail yet, its coming, my mailman selectively decided to ignore several of the envelopes in the mailbox and I didn’t realize they were still sitting there until the end of this week.