Sometimes I feel bad that I am not the mom that is always finding new and exciting activities for my kids, constructive events and experiences to help them learn. I know there are tons of online resources and local mommy groups that I could tap into – but there is the issue of time – I have none! Thankfully, some of the moms of the kids in Cailee’s preschool find the time to plan such activities and we get to tag along. Yeah for resourceful moms!

Today we went to the local firestation. I think Cailee had a lot of fun, although her attention span was short and she would easily get distracted into a game of tag or chase with the other distracted kiddos. Connor, of course, loved the trucks and hoses (yep, he’s all boy). I actually learned a lot of things I didn’t know – like its better to sleep with your door closed (kids already do that but I always felt bad about it – now I feel better), you should replace all your smoke detectors every 10 years and you should know the backup number for 911 because it does go down sometimes (like just recently, it wasn’t available for a few hours due to some snafu with the phone company – scary!).

All-in-all it was a good time, and we were grateful our local firemen took time out of their day to tell us about their job – and to put on all their gear in this heat – ugh – now that’s dedication!