You’d think after three years (if you count Hilton Head) of our Pirate Adventures with Stinky/Sneaky Pete the kids would tire of the activity – but no, they insist (or at least expect we’ll do it every year at the beach). The guys that run it are great (maybe teachers by day) and the kids do water gun battles, mop the decks, limbo, hunt for treasure, lots of marching and use water cannons on Sneaky Pete. This year I had a Cutthroat Cailee and Cannonball Connor. Then, instead of going to our usual spot on the beach, we decided to venture down to towards the end. At first we just walked the boardwalk and over the dunes out to the beach because I really wanted to see if we could get near to the end end. Dave had told us that was something they had done and so I was determined to do the same. But once we got out there, of course Connor wanted to play in the water so JJ walked back to the car to get our stuff. As I’m sitting their watching him in the water someone runs over saying they had spotted sharks close to the shoreline. I never did see the sharks (or shark), but still got him out of the water. So I guess that was that. So much for setting up for the day and playing in the water. Except all was not lost. Turns out there was a large tidepool that we ended up all enjoying. It was warm, not many people and sharkless. We even saw some people on horseback. Now that’s my kinda beaching.

PS. The pictures of the kids showering off at the end of the day are some of my all time favorites. Nothing feels better than washing the sand off ya.