Two firsts for us this year – we never realized at Bohicket Marina they also do Hermit Crab Races and we’ve never visited the Angel Oak (never even heard of it actually). But first to the races. The kids had been begging all week for Hermit crabs. I’d never had a hermit crab although given my last name as Herrman, growing up, I’d been called that once or twice. They are kinda creepy to me and seem to be the goldfish of the beach. You get them and they die. Well the kids wore us down so we got them each a Hermit crab. I don’t think Cailee’s ever had a name although it was in a Frozen painted shell, Connor picked out the gold one with some kind of silver shapes painted on it and it was affectionately named Shiny diamond. They gave us these little cages, some rocks and a little food – all for $5. We got them back to the house and they refused to move. While at the store they had all been clamoring about with their peer crabs – here they were playing dead. No food, no moving around. So I started doing some research. Apparently we were doing it all wrong. They needed a bigger aquarium, with about 6 inches of sand, humidity, certain food, things to climb on, places to hide and burrow. Fast forward a few weeks and our crabs are living large in Connor’s room . I even read that crabs can live up to 35 years! if properly cared for. That’s crazy. Anyhow back to real time, we did bring our crabs back to the marina for the races a few nights after we bought them. You could buy or rent your crab and to me it looked cruel but the kids thought it was great. Turns out Cailee’s crab made it to the semi finals so she was thrilled. Connor had a couple of close calls but never quite got the win. We celebrated with some ice cream.

Now the Angel Oak is believed to be like 400 years old. Its this massive tree that’s just unbelievable in how its grown, limbs out all over the place. They don’t want you to climb it, touch it or really do anything other than to look at it – but its quite cool and considering the storms that pass through there all the time, I’m surprised it is still standing after all this time.

We did go to the beach today and dug a massive hole – small swimming pool size. Oh and did I tell you how much the kids LOVE the duck float. It has become the highlight of this trip.