Disembarkment from the boat is a well coordinated event.  We were assigned a specific breakfast time and location.  It was the last meal with our table mates who had become good friends – particularly Cailee and Amelia.  We ate, stood in line to get off the boat, stood in more lines at customs and finally stood in line to get a rental car before we were on our way to Epcot for a few final hours in the most magical place on earth.  We only had about four hours at Epcot – which included lunch – but we made the most of it – we had fast passes for most of the rides so we crammed a lot in – although we never actually made it out to any of the countries (next time!). We had one last character meal, snagged matching Stitch stuffed animals and were racing to the airport.  The airport was nuts and so we were really lucky to get to our gate when we did – right when everyone was getting on – just in time to get seats together – which had been my big fear.  It was a mad rush but in the end, totally worth it to make one final day of it.  By dinner time we were back home in Durham.  It was a vacation we’ll always remember, I’m sure of it.  I can’t say enough good things about the cruise and the kids are already planning their next one (wishful thinking…)