In Preschool they used to send home an art project and asked you to purchase from a list of merchandise depicting the art work (I have a bunch of trivets with the kiddos preschool scribblings – which makes them sound silly and meaningless, but it’s quite the opposite, I love those drawings). OK, so I was getting around to saying that in elementary school, its a free-for-all – they just invite the entire school + siblings, parents, cousins, neighbors, and more I am sure, to come one night and create art. They sell candy and treats for cheap (enough to get the kids all hyped up). It was a little out of control, but the kids had fun and I didn’t feel obligated to buy anything, this time around. Win-win.

How’s this for a fun picture of Grayson? Cailee’s BFF who she is convinced she is going to marry.