Today was beautiful. It was sunny and hot and not a cloud in the sky. We had a lazy start to the morning (to become the norm for this trip), swimming, playing darts (sorry for the holes in the wall) and ping pong. I even got in a run on the driveway (before I realized there was a decent path alongside the road I could follow). We finally headed to the beach around noon. We kept it simple and left our stuff at the beach club and ventured down to the ocean. The water was pretty rough towards the beginning of the week (JJ thinks there was a hurricane that blew in some rougher waters) but it made for good wave jumping. Thank goodness Stacy and Beth were both willing to take Connor in to jump the waves so he got some good ocean time with them – while Cailee and I stayed closer to shore, walking in the tidepools collecting shells (what minimal shells you can find). We ate lunch at the beach club – which is always a treat – and spent a few more hours in the pool. I’ll tell you, the plush pool noodles I picked up just before the trip on a whim are great – we all took turns lounging in those. That evening we ate pizza at Le Tele (one of two meals the kids will actually eat for dinner) and did a little shopping at Freshfields.