Stacy had to leave early this morning and the kids were disappointed. Cailee actually woke up crying because she missed the dogs already. They’ll definitely have to join us on more vacations. This morning I got a real run in, down the road- 2.5 out and back. It was a bit more humid, but the path was flat and there was a nice breeze in my face on the way back to the house, accentuated with each passing car (a blessing and a curse). Once again, once everyone finally rolled out of a bed, we headed down to the beach club, splitting our time between the beach, and the pool – this time, Aunt Beth taking on ocean duty with Connor mostly. He did his best to catch the waves with his boogie board. He definitely needed his daddy to help spot the good ones and send him on his way – but he did get lucky on his own a few times. We just had to keep a close eye on his because the current was really pulling him down the beach quickly. The water actually came up further than I’ve ever seen it – all the way over the stairs that mark the entry point to the beach.

Tonight we had dinner at the Fat Hen – somewhat of a tradition for our beach trips – and ironically Beth was told to go one place while in town and it just so happened to be the Fat Hen.. It didn’t disappoint, food was delicious and I love the settings. Although we did run into a strange/pushy guy that insisted on taking our picture (far too blurry to saved) while we waited for our table on the giant porch swing. He even went so far as to chastise Connor for being on his ipad (“HIS kids weren’t allowed to play on their iPads”).