We started the day with another goodbye. This time, Aunt Beth was headed back home. The kids clung to her the best they could but alas she had to hit the road. So we decided to do the same and headed to Charleston. We tried a new restaurant for lunch – the best shrimp and grits and huge pancakes for the kids. Cailee and I passed the time waiting for lunch by playing tic tac toe. Connor, he passed the time on his ipad, what else is new. Then in Charleston we visited our usual haunts, the city market, the sugar store, Bubba Gump’s duck races. Who knew that doing some duck races would last year would leave such an impression. It looked a little forlorn this year and we had to supply our own ducks from the store but the kids enjoyed the races just as much.

Much to my surprise, they also insisted on the Horse and Carriage ride. I thought for sure they only struggled through that to appease JJ and I but this year – we had a front row seat and they really enjoyed it – it wasn’t the same as years past without JJ but at least they didn’t fall asleep this time around. This time, we prepared for the fountain hopping by bringing spare clothes and so Cailee was all in. Connor, while he got wet, didn’t have the same enthusiasm that he did last year.

With dry clothes on, we capped off the evening at kid’s night. We did facepainting, sand bracelets, and balloon art. For the first time ever, we tried the local pizza joint at the Marina. Not bad, not bad at all. We even made it home in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. It was another great day at the beach, although we sure do miss Daddy.