It was Uncle Dave’s thirtieth birthday and we are thrilled he chose to spend it with us. Even Cailee shared some love. David actually helped JJ with getting the floor going on Cailee’s playroom. Progress is slow and steady but some day we are going to get a lot of enjoyment out of that room. Cailee’s newest pasttime is the dishwasher. If its open or if she can get it open – she likes to stand on it – ok not the best idea, she’ll actually hand you the dishes and silverware as well – again not the best activity to be encouraging since most utensils can cause more harm then good at this age. At least she is a big help these days (ok not much but at least we are getting her started early).

More than anything she loves taking things out and putting things back. In fact, no one believes this story and maybe it was just coincidence, but the other day she sat on the floor, took out all the goldfish from her snack cup, ate those and put the others off to the side. When she was finished, she picked up the discarded snacks, put them back in the cup, replaced the lid and handing it to me. Scouts honor!

Does that means she’ll be a neat kid? I hope so. (neat, as in organized, she’s already neat!)