I feel like I have written about this subject before or many times before. Today it has dual purpose, not only has it been weeks since I posted last – I have been very slack lately – I have a tendency to assume no one notices – until the family is in town and I realize I do have a few faithful followers – secondly, I have done a lot of reminiscing lately. Here I spent so much time and energy planning the first birthday party and looking forward to it – that I don’t even know where the first year went.

I guess I can see why parents have more than one child – beyond all the obvious fun (and no, I am still a long way off from being able to juggle a second one), but two – maybe because you have a better idea of what to expect and what’s coming – you don’t wish the minutes by just so you can get to the next milestone. I remember thinking, I can’t wait til cailee can crawl, and then walk and now its talk – but the reality is – once it happens – it just means my little girl is that much older and I shutter to think about all the times I have heard… before you know it…

We’ve had a lot of fun lately. She’s really starting to entertain herself and in an roundabout way – that’s entertaining for us to watch. She has complete conversations with herself – none of which we have any knowledge of but it sure makes a lot of sense to her and she definitely has a lot to say. It must have something to do with the face that she listens to mom on the phone all day – she even tries to put the phone up to my ear these days as if that’s the expected posture for me. As long as she doesn’t get as sassy as I do after a tiresome day. 🙂 (sorry for those of you on the other end of those conversations).

She also wants to climb on everything. I turned away for a second and realized she had climbed on top of her toy table and was standing on it (no wheres sturdy enough) and was banging on the window. Scary. So mom got her the step stool and she climbed that – ok not any better. At least she has figured out how to get down off things – and its finally not head first.

We are slowly learning the meaning of “no” although it still represents a little game and sheepish grin to Cailee – enough times in a row and getting pulled away from the offending activity seems to make it sink in eventually.

Cailee got a ton of loot for her birthday yet some of her favorite objects are just those from around the house or the bathroom cabinets. She loves the toothpaste as a pacifier (oh she has picked up the pacifier habit finally, didn’t think she had any desire til she stole McKinley’s and started walking around with it.)

Here favorite thing to do these days is share, I can only hope this giving behavior continues because its quite cute. She’ll put the paci in your mouth and then hers, give you all her block or acorns she has collected outside. Of course a few minutes later she wants it all back – but a little give and take is a good thing.

We’ve had some great days lately – I truly hope I can carry these memories forever. Too bad Cailee won’t remember a minute of it. (unless I did a better job of keeping up with this blog:)).