On Wednesday, I took a half day at work (fun!) to accompany Cailee on her 3 year old class fieldtrip. This year the school went to the Museum of Life and Science – which is a great place – part zoo + part children’s museum + train. The kids love this place (bonus – it’s close to our home, relatively speaking). The weather cooperated, after a lot of rain the last few days, madam spring saw fit to spare us for a few hours (Thank God!). Cailee and I did a lot of exploration on our own, however, we did meet up with classmates here and there and spent some time playing with them as well.

Of course, I dressed her in white pants (what was I thinking) and it turns our her favorite activity was digging in the dirt for shark “dinosaur” teeth and bones (of course!). We always like the butterfly house and the creepy crawlers were actually a big hit this time, with Cailee, never with mom (you caption what on earth she is telling Grayson in the picture below with the tarantula spider). We spent a solid 3+ hours at the museum, and topped it off with a ride on the train. I remember the first time we went and she was scared of the kids yelling as the train goes through the tunnel – now she is right there with them, yelling (and likely terrifying the little uns’). Such a big little girl she’s becoming.