I am probably a little obsessed with the camera. I don’t know what I would have done if I was limited to just film or even polaroids, although the somewhat instant development would have been kinda cool in a world before digital. But the beauty of digital is, you can screw up as many times as you like before you get it right and that comes in handy these days because it takes about 50 shots to actually get one where its not blurry, Cailee’s not moving, or I miss the cute expression and end up with a very awkward one that doesn’t necessarily paint my baby in the best light. Here are just some everyday pictures capturing Cailee in her element.


This window is one of her favorite spots in the house, its in the back of the house, overlooking the woods. Its just the right height, she can pull herself up by the sill and then bang away at the glass (that’s a new activity – not sure why it brings so much fun, but it always entertains her, so for now its great fun).

And check out her big girl nighty! She is growing out of the pjs with the feet and its getting quite warm as summer is quickly approaching so we moved up to the big girl nighty (note: Cailee fits quite well in size 12 mos).

These also give you a good idea of how much Cailee is standing up these days. No sooner did she start to crawl, then she was pulling herself up on everything, including mommy (who has become a jungle gym these days it seems) and daddy (who did not particularly enjoy his leg hair being used as a gripping point). We don’t cruise yet, but we certainly like to stand up and then turn back and forth from one object to another.

A few more favorite- Cailee’s first crocs -they are target brand for now, but one of the few shoes that actually fit her feet – which are quite round at the moment, we are grateful for the summer months when barefeet are acceptable on babies. And another window Cailee likes to bang on – only when the car was parked.